What We Do

PMX offers a comprehensive range of program and project management, management advisory, and project controls services.

Independent Project Management

PMX is not affiliated with any architectural, engineering, real estate, or construction firms. We are truly independent, allowing us to represent the interests of Owners without reservation and without any real or perceived conflict. Retaining independent project management services provides the Owner with maximum flexibility in procuring the best available team of architects, engineers, suppliers, and contractors for their project. Our approach allows the Owner to retain direct control over their projects, with PMX acting as an extension of the Owner’s team and managing the project on its behalf.

Our Approach

PMX is organized using a matrix-based project organizational structure. Each project is led by a Principal of the firm, supported by other project management and administrative resources as needed. Resources are assigned to a project on a full-time or part-time basis depending on the requirements of the project. The Principal is the primary point of contact between the client and PMX, devoted to ensuring our team of Project Managers provides solid performance and that client needs are met. Our professional staff have excellent teamwork skills and are able to integrate seamlessly with the Owner’s capital project team.